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Dunmore Lang College Fellows

Fellows of Dunmore Lang College

The College recognises a number of Fellows. These are individuals who have made a significant contribution to the College either in the past or currently.

Honorary Fellows

These individuals have been honoured by the Board of Directors for their outstanding service to the College

  • Mrs Margot Doust
  • Professor Glenice Hancock
  • Mr Geoffrey Harrison
  • Rev Dr John Pender
  • Mr Edwin Hutchinson *
  • Emeritus Prof Bruce Mansfield
  • Mr Charles Miller *
  • Miss Diane Maclean
  • Mr John Reid AO
  • Mrs Diana Gammon
  • Miss Freda Whitlam
  • Mr John Almgren AM
  • Mr Allen Tingey *
  • Mr Greg Eddy
  • Mrs Philippa Graham

Resident Fellows

(formerly Dorothy Knox Fellows) These individuals are people of academic or other standing, usually senior lecturer or equivalent, who are resident in College for a period, who contribute in their own way to College life.

  • Gao Jinbao, communications analyst (1987)
  • Michael Kieran Harvey, pianist (1988)
  • Robert Pope, artist (1989)
  • Diat Callope, Aboriginal education (1992)
  • Professor James Lau (Professorial Fellow in Residence), Professor of Accountancy, Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University (2010-2011)
  • Dr Humberto Mancilla, Bolivian Human Rights Lawyer and Film Director (2011)

John Dunmore Lang Achievement Fellows

These are recipients of the College’s flagship award, which commenced in 2010.

2010 Rebecca Banks

2010 Ashleigh Standen

2011 Kendall Feaver

2011 Nathan Lovett

2012 Jill Jolliffe

2013 Anna Knight

2014 Tayler Parnell & Rebecca Stokes

2015 Courtney Dunn