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Mission Statement

Vision Statement

To be recognised as a leading Residential College in Australia.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and sustain a residential academic community based on respect, personal responsibility and service, encouraging excellence, promoting life-long learning skills and providing leadership opportunities for all student residents.


Learning and academic endeavour

Dunmore Lang College encourages and supports students to integrate their experience of living in College with their university study through the exercise of leadership and involvement in all levels of College life.

Personal integrity and responsibility

All members of the College community are expected to act with honour and integrity of action, taking responsibility for their actions and subsequent consequences. As a diverse community we believe that the highest levels of personal integrity must underpin everything we strive to achieve.


Dunmore Lang College is a community based on personal responsibility, integrity and respect where individual autonomy is supported alongside the need to live as a community.

We acknowledge our responsibility to act as good members of our wider community through a commitment to community service and volunteering.


By striving to attain excellence in all aspects of the College’s operations, we seek to model, encourage and support students to achieve their best across all College and university endeavours.

Welcoming and respecting diversity

We welcome students of different faiths, nationalities and cultural traditions.  We seek to create a community based on understanding and mutual respect, and grounded in the belief that diversity enriches everyone’s experience and world view.

Compassion and care for others

As members of Dunmore Lang College, we undertake to care for each other and to actively seek to assist others in need.

Affirming student leadership

Dunmore Lang College actively facilitates the involvement of students in the College’s operations, planning and governance.

Staff and student Codes of Conduct

All Dunmore Lang College staff agree to respect and work within the values and ethos of the College.  A copy of the staff statement of values can be found here.

The Student Code of Conduct requires students to demonstrate respect, consideration and responsibility in their personal behaviours and in all their dealings with others. A copy can be found here.