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For further information regarding the College, please email or phone +61 2 9856 1015
Click here for a copy of the 2015 Dunmore Lang College Handbook
Below are answers to many frequently asked questions.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the College on +61 2 9856 1000 if you cannot find the answer to your questions on this page
1. When do applications open and close?

Applications remain open until the College is full and students can apply at any time during the year. Demand is high at the beginning of the year so we recommend applying as early as possible in order to be considered for a place. Places also become available during the year due to students leaving on exchange as well as at the beginning of Semester Two.

2. I missed Open Day at Macquarie University, can I still come for a tour?

Yes, we welcome visits from prospective students and families during office hours, please call the College to arrange a convenient time – 02 9856 1000. If required, tours can be arranged after hours or on a weekend.

3. I haven’t received my letter of offer from Macquarie, do I have to wait?

No, it is best to apply as early as possible including as much supporting documentation as you have available. While you will require a Letter of Offer from Macquarie University to finalise your offer of place we are able to make a conditional offer pending this letter.

4. If I decide to have a gap year can I still apply now?

Yes, you can secure your place at Dunmore Lang College even if you are not going to come until the following year. This way you can have your gap year without the worry of finding somewhere to live once you come to Macquarie.

5. I am studying at ELC or SIBT, can I still live at Dunmore Lang College?

Yes, both ELC and SIBT are affiliated with Macquarie University. As the teaching year is different, accommodation contracts for SIBT and ELC students are for two terms. Dunmore Lang is a great place to live if English is your second language as there is always somebody to help you, especially with your conversational English.

6. I am studying at another tertiary education provider, can I still live at Dunmore Lang College?

Yes, but places are very limited. As an affiliated College we give preference to students studying at Macquarie University. On occasion, we have places available which can be offered to students from other institutions and students should register their interest with the College office.

7. How close is the College to the University?

The College is in situated on the edge of the University campus. It is around a 5-10 minute stroll to the University depending on which area you are going to, 4 minutes to the train station that will take you to the City and 5 minutes to the Macquarie Shopping and Entertainment Centre.

8. What scholarships are available?

The College awards over $500 000 of scholarships each year in partnership with Macquarie University and through the generosity of our donors. Semester One applications open in October and close early December each year click here for more information. Semester two applications open early May and close in June in year. Please contact the College Office for more information.

9. Can I stay in College between semesters (June/ July)?

The mid-year break between the semesters is not part of your contract and during this period the College uses the student rooms for conference guests and visiting groups. We will always ensure students who need to stay during the break are accommodated and every effort is made to keep students in their own room however sometimes we need to relocate students to another room due to the external bookings.

10. If I don’t want to stay during any of the recesses, can I reduce my contract?

Macquarie University undergraduate students can request to reduce their contract by either choosing this option on the admissions documentation or by completing a form available from Reception early in the semester.

11. I have paid my initial fees but now I have decided to live somewhere else, can I get a refund?

This depends on the date you notify the College and the amount of notice you provide – more information is included in the Admissions Document.

12. I would like to leave College before the end of my contract, can I break my contract?

You can request to break your contract however the consequences will depend on your circumstances. Regardless, we require four weeks’ notice and you will lose your accommodation deposit. It is good practise to talk to the Dean or Registrar about your situation before you decide what you would like to do.



1. How many fortnightly debits/deductions will there be?

This depends on the length of College Residential Agreement, which relates to your university course.
E.g. 18 instalments for a full academic year; 14 instalments for SIBT students for two semesters and; Postgraduates – depends on length of contract.

2. How much will be debited each fortnight?

This depends on your room type and whether recesses are included. Add all accommodation fees deduct $800 and divide the remaining fees by the number of fortnights. The College checks and verifies these calculations and then submits the form to PaySmart. We will provide you with a copy of our advice to PaySmart if you wish.

3. What happens if I default on a payment?

Should you default on a payment, PaySmart contacts you and advises the College. The College will charge you a $25 administrative fee if you default again, whether a consecutive payment or not. On a Second default, the College will cancel the PaySmart arrangement and you must immediately (within 7 days) pay all remaining fees for the semester. If you do not pay, the payment will be deducted from the credit card that you have given as a guarantee.