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Life at Dunmore Lang College

Living at Dunmore Lang College enriches your university experience by integrating living and learning through leadership opportunities, community service and co-curricular activities.

Experienced senior staff live on site with duty staff available after-hours and on weekends.  Resident Advisors (RAs) are available on each floor to help students manage the many transitions of university and personal life.  The College maintains strong links with University staff, faculties and student support services on campus and can provide advice and referrals.  Support is easy to access at Dunmore Lang College.

The College is committed to developing future leaders who will find solutions for important issues facing the world.  Students are encouraged to think, discuss and debate and bring new ideas to life.

The College lifestyle is distinct and based upon a strong sense of community.  Through academic support from tutors, involvement in the Students’ Club and participation in sporting activities, students can combine intellectual independence and social development in order to make the most out of their time at university.  Lifelong friendships are made easily and residents have the opportunity to meet with a wide range of cultures and nationalities at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

There are opportunities for residents to take on leadership roles in College by applying to become a Resident Adviser (RA), by standing for election as a member of the Student Association (ADS) Executive or by heading a Committee.

Academic and Pastoral Care

  • Resident Advisers
  • Computer Support Officers
  • Academic Tutors
  • Community Manager

Association of Dunmore Lang Students Executive (ADS)

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Vice-President (Social)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

ADS Committees include:

  • Entertainment
  • Social
  • Academic
  • Year book
  • Sports
  • Ball
  • Charities
  • International
  • Food
  • Merchandise
  • Food
Cultural Pursuits

Cultural Life

There is a range of opportunities for our residents to pursue and share their cultural interests and backgrounds. Some of these include:

  • The annual Musical – written and performed by residents;
  • The annual Inter-Collegiate Debate – an annual debate against our neighbour, Robert Menzies College;
  • Grand piano;
  • “Groove in the Grass” – student musical event;
  • International Night;
  • Global Dinner.

Social Life

The College is always alive with social activity. “O” Week is the first function for the college calendar and is packed with activities, sports and social events to help new students meet new friends and find out important information about life on campus.

Students have their own representative organisation called the Association of Dunmore Lang Students (ADS) who, together with the College management, organise various activities throughout the year.  Just a few of the social activities include:

  • Harbour Cruises
  • Introductory and Academic Dinner
  • Variety Night
  • International Night
  • Courtyard BBQs
  • Trivia Nights
  • Debates
  • The College Ball
  • The College Musical
  • Annual & Valedictory Dinner
  • Special theme dinners
  • Annual Dunmore Lang College Lecture
  • Formal dinners

Local Facilities

The Macquarie Centre, located a short 5 minute walk from the College, is a multi-level shopping complex hosting a huge variety of stores that include food, clothing, supermarkets and furniture.  In addition the centre has a large cinema complex, an ice skating rink, a bowling alley and multiple other entertainment opportunities.

There is a bus stop for the city bus right outside the College and the train station is just nearby.  Eastwood Rugby Club and the Olympic Sporting facilities at Homebush are within easy commuting distance.

Friends for Life

The student community revolves on personal relationships, making Dunmore Lang College a great place to live and study … a wonderful environment for building life-long friendships.

Sporting Activities

College Sports – Opportunities for All!

Dunmore Lang College residents regularly participate in a range of different sports on a social level, from snooker, table tennis and cricket to soccer and hockey.   From time to time the student Sports Representative will organise a friendly tournament between college residents.  College sports stars in the news include Adam Hett, winner of the Fox 8 football reality show, Football Superstar, and PhD student Vincent Oxenham, Captain of the University 1st grade mens soccer team.  Read about them in the Macquarie Globe.

Residents at DLC also get an opportunity to meet fellow students who are themselves elite athletes.  A  Visiting Fellow to the College since 2010 is Tina McKenzie, ex-captain of the Gliders, the Australian women’s wheelchair basketball team.  Tina, who studied at Macquarie University for a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education, was a world-class wheelchair basketballer and an inspirational speaker.  She is now retired from basketball and is currently working as a primary school teacher.

Inter-College Sports Competitions

A friendly sporting rivalry exists between Dunmore Lang College (DLC), our neighbour Robert Menzies College (RMC), and the Macquarie University Village (MUV).  A variety of sports including soccer, softball, touch football, rugby, cricket, hockey, netball and basketball are all contested throughout the academic year.  In some cases, representatives from Dunmore Lang travel across Australia to compete in the National College or University Games.

The latest on Inter-College sports

Macquarie University Sporting Facilities: Sport & Aquatic Centre

Students of Macquarie University have full access to the extensive sporting facilities on campus at the University Sport and Aquatic Centre.  As a member of Dunmore Lang College, your sports fees are automatically covered.  The sporting facilities offer:

  • Magnificent new swimming pools (50m outdoor and 25m indoor)
  • Gymnasium
  • Squash centre
  • Climbing wall
  • Tennis courts
  • Weight training / exercise area
  • Multi-purpose courts
  • Real tennis court
  • Sports fields

See the MU Campus Living  Web Site for more information.



Resident Tutors

Resident Tutors are available for most of the popular subjects and are usually postgraduate students or senior undergraduate students.  Assistance ranges from one-on-one sessions to group tutorials and can cover the content and form of essays and reports, study skills, exam preparation and reading draft essays.  Most tutorials are held in the College on Sunday evenings although residents are always welcome to consult the tutors privately by arrangement.  Emphasis is placed on first year subjects to assist students make the transition from school to university, however, tutorials in more advanced subjects can be arranged by request.

“Nerd Night”

Sunday evening is the College’s study night and students can be found in tutorials, study groups or catching up on assignments anywhere in the College.

Scholarships and bursaries

See here for details of the Scholarship support programme.

Academic Dinners

The Principal hosts a number of Academic Dinners throughout the year which provide students with opportunities to meet and discuss their future plans with academics or professionals in their field of study.

Exam Suppers

During examination periods the College provides late nights suppers so that residents can take a study break, relax and chat with friends.

The College is extremely proud of its students’ outstanding academic success in recent years.

Accommodation & Facilities

We offer 3 different styles of bedroom for undergraduate students:

  1. The McCredie and Mansfield Wings (200 rooms) – single bedroom sharing communal bathrooms;
  2. The Miller and Doust Wings (24 rooms) – single bedroom sharing an ensuite bathroom with one other resident;
  3. The Miller and Doust Wings (36 rooms) – single bedroom with private ensuite bathroom.

Room-New-Wing-2-a Room-New-Wing-2-b Room-Old-Wing-1-b

All bedrooms in the McCredie and Mansfield Wings are equipped with a furnished study area (including desk, lamps, and bookshelves), bed, sink, wardrobe, internet, fan, heater and storage area.

All bedrooms in the Miller and Doust Wings are equipped with a furnished study area (including desk, lamps and bookshelves), bed, wardrobe, refrigerator, internet, fan, heater and storage area. Some bedrooms also have a balcony.

Postgraduate accommodation

Postgraduate students can choose to live in the College (fully-catered) or in one of the self-catered apartments located at 159 Herring Road. The apartments are fully furnished with internet (including WiFi) and phone connections.

Computer Access

All rooms have 24-hour WiFi internet access plus there is a computer lab with eight PCs and a printer / photocopier.

Common Room

This has been recently refurbished and is fully equipped with both a pool and table tennis table, kitchenette and a lounge area with a large flat screen TV, projector and Foxtel plus a sunny terrace area for relaxing.

College Library and the Harrison Room

The library provides a reference collection in all major areas of study as well as current journals and magazines. The Library and the Harrison Room both offer quiet study areas.


There are six coin operated laundries located around the College.

Student Kitchenettes

There are three student kitchenettes for preparing snacks and light meals.

Courtyard and BBQ

The courtyard and BBQ area is a very popular outside dining area during the summer months.

Other Facilities

  • Chiropractic Training Room
  • Grand Piano
  • Senior Common Room
  • Music Room
The College Experience