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Residential Staff

Dunmore Lang College is committed to building a strong network of personal and pastoral support. Senior staff live on-site and support the work of the Resident Advisers who live on each floor of the College.

Residential Staff

Principal – Dr Alasdair Murrie-West

Alasdair lives on-site and is available for student enquiries and advice during office hours and the early evenings. Alasdair is the main point of contact in the event of an urgent or serious incident.

Please contact Alasdair directly on 0420 688 121 or by email


Computer Support Officers (CSO’s)

Computer Support Officers

Computer Support Officers (CSO) provide first level support for troubleshooting the Student Network including, PC’s, e-mail, printing and other functions. If the issue requires further investigation they are authorised to escalate it to ASE IT, our IT Management partners.

Contacting Computer Support Officers

Any students who experience difficulties with their computers or the network should complete a blue report slip at Reception or lodge a request via the student app. The CSO’s review all requests daily and will contact the student to arrange a time they can come and assist.

CSO can help Students

  • Windows installations.
  • Microsoft Office installations.
  • Data recovery for University /SIBT related information (deleted assignments etc.)
  • Connection to the student network
  • Install Anti-virus software
  • Update MAC address listing

CSO can help corporate guests and visitors

  • Configure computers for connection to the network guest account
  • Connect guest laptop computer to the seminar room data projector


Resident Advisers

The College appoints a number of Resident Advisers (RAs) each academic year. Their primary responsibility is the care and development of student residents. This includes all aspects of ensuring that the College is a safe environment physically, emotionally and psychologically.

RAs also assist with College administration out of business hours.

The Dunmore Lang College RAs for 2016  are :

  • Kayla Atkins
  • Rhiannon Beattie
  • Hannah Dodd
  • Hugo James
  • Chelsea Jeffrey
  • Brayden Jones
  • Harry Lacoste
  • Peta Larkin
  • Danielle Malone
  • Tim Porter
  • Cecil Simon
  • Lucy Webster
  • Aimee Woods

Resident Adviser on Duty

There is always a Resident Adviser (RA) on Duty outside of business hours. The RA on Duty can be contacted by dialling  +61 2 9856 1000.

The RA on Duty and all RAs have the responsibility of dealing with disturbances and/or providing advice and assistance in College after hours. The College expects residents to accept personal responsibility for their behaviour and anticipates that they will consider other residents’ needs at all times. It may sometimes be necessary, however, for RAs to remind students that their behaviour is disturbing others or is unacceptable. Residents are asked to comply with all requests from RAs as quickly as possible. If residents believe that an RA’s request or instructions are unreasonable, they should comply with the request or instructions at the time and discuss the matter later with the Dean of Students.

Academic Tutors

The College appoints a number of Academic Tutors each academic year.  They are a mix of postgraduate, senior undergraduate students, external tutors and alumni who provide academic assistance to College residents in their area of academic and/or professional competence.

Academic Tutors organise study sessions and/or tutorials to provide valuable study skills essential to university study.  In addition to regular tutorials, the College provides a number of supplementary exam review sessions.

 The Academic Tutors for 2014 are: 

  • Amos Shen Jie Fong – Chiropractic Studies, Biology and Anatomy
  • Caitlin Comensoli –  Law
  • Carolyn Taylor  – 1st Year Maths and Physics
  • Edward Macdonald  – Linguistics Grammar and Meaning
  • Eyal Karin – Psychology
  • Grace Healey – Arts Faculty and general essay writing and research advice
  • Jess Preston  – Criminal Law
  • Joshua Murphy  –  Chiropractic Skills
  • Kamal Athar  –  Statistics
  • Kym Sheehan  –  Law
  • Lauren Mendes  –  Contracts, Law, lawyers and society
  • Mehrdokht Pournader  – Management
  • Samantha Harvey –Spanish
  • Ya Cheung (Andrew) Lam – Accounting/Finance

Dunmore Lang College has a strong academic focus and Sunday evenings is marked in the weekly calendar for group study time between 7pm and 9pm.  It is essential that students keep in touch with their tutors continuously and attend tutorials to enhance their academic performance.

Students’ Association (ADS)

The ADS of Dunmore Lang College is the student body union that runs within the college. It is structured with an executive (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) and many subcommittees and special area representatives.  Some of the subcommittees include the Ball Committee, Magazine, Drama, Environment and Shop committees.  Some of the special area representatives include sport, social, video, food, supper and international.

At the beginning of the year each student pays a small student fee which goes towards the ADS.  This money is then used to subsidise many of the social events held throughout the year (including the Ball and Annual dinner), sporting equipment and ground hire for intercollegiate games, maintenance and purchase of college items (i.e. pool table and table tennis table). 

ADS Executive 2016:

President – Ben Saunders

Vice-President – Georgie Quade

Vice-President (Social) – Georgia Morgan

Secretary – Rachel Timbs

Treasurer – Tim Wurf

Committee Heads for 2016:

Emma Harvey and Phillip Leason
Entertainment Committee

Maggie McGinley and Stuart Bashford 
Social Committee

Food Committee

Hannah Dodd and Katheryn Bowler
International Committee

Judith Ainge-Mcleish and Jessie Wiseman
Charity Committee

Tom Blake and Brittany Smith
Sports Committee

Merchandise Committee

Lani Rei and Bridget Dawson  
Ball Committee

Hilary Eddie and Georgia Dodd
Yearbook/Magazine Committee

Social Academic Committee

Eloise Matthews and Samuel Johnston
Community Committee