The College has remained open throughout COVID-19. Students have had the advantage of isolating with their friends in our community and enjoying some small COVID-Safe events. 

Listen to current student, Anna's account of what life has been like for students at College during this time. 

Dunmore Lang College has the required COVID-Safety Plan in place to protect staff and students from the risks of COVID-19. The College has implemented new and revised protocols, such as:

  • New hand sanitizer dispensers throughout College
  • Revised catering plans and cleaning procedures 
  • Dining hall capacity changed to fit square metre rules
  • Establishment of quarantine rooms for students with cold of flu symptoms to stay while awaiting their COVID test results
  • Provided masks and temperature testing equipment 
  • QR check-in codes
  • Social distancing requirements
  • Organised and managed small COVID-safe events
  • Established a "tuck-shop" with products sold at cost
  • Assisted students to receive their COVID vaccinations

Throughout this time, two-thirds of the residents stayed at Dunmore Lang College. We asked those students to complete a survey and these were the results: 

  • 94% of students stated they felt safe at College 
  • 70% of those students scored their welfare a 7-8 of out 10
  • Students also indicated that they were on top of studies despite the rapid change to online learning

100% of our staff and 95% of our students are also vaccinated. 

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