Online Reporting Form

If you are feeling stressed or unwell, there are support people and services available. You are not alone. If you cannot finish this form in one session, there is a pdf version available on the help and complaints page. If you complete a pdf form, you can either mail it to Principal/Dean or Students, Dunmore Lang College, 130-134 Herring Road, Macquarie Park, 2113 or seal it in an envelope and drop into the key return box (there are envelopes near the key return box). If you have questions about making a report, you can contact the Principal (0420 688 121) or the Dean of Students (0449 252 051) to discuss this confidentially. The questions marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

The following questions are about the person whose behaviour is negatively affecting others, or whose behaviour is concerning because it is inappropriate or unwanted.
Please provide as many details as possible about the situation:
If you are experiencing disruption, you can contact the College Counsellor or Psychologist; make an appointment (Link) via Reception E: [email protected] or P: 02 0856 1000. You can also contact Macquarie University Student Wellbeing about disruption to your study, E: [email protected] or P: 02 9850 7497.

If you, or someone else, are feeling stressed or unwell because of the situation you have reported, please tell someone. The following support people and services are available to you, and others affected. Support is also available for past as well as current incidents: The Principal - 0420 688 121 The Dean of Students – 0449 252 051 Assistant Dean/Cultural Adviser – 0422 990 192 College Counsellor – 9856 1000 College Psychologist – 9856 1000 Your Resident Adviser (RA) Royal North Shore Sexual Assault Clinic - 9926 7111 NSW Rape Crisis Centre (24/7) – 1800 424 017 Student Wellbeing (Macquarie students) – (02) 9850 7497 or 1800 227 367 (24/7)