2022 Association of Dunmore Lang Students Executive

President:  Samuel Moss
Senior Vice President:  Yvonne Monk
Social Vice President:  Alyssa Duncan
Treasurer:  Max Sanzone
Secretary:  Nathalie Simons

2022 Resident Adviser Team

Mackenzie Dewsbury:  2 West
Veronica Wessell:  3 West
Claudia Minter:  4 West
Joseph Hodges:  1 East
Jade Bunt:  2 East
Elli Kozicki:  2 East
Grace Beavis:  3 East
Shashank Thigulla:  3 East
Emma Weatherall:  4 East
Henry Stoodley-Williamson:  4 East
Bronte Charles:  New Wing
Grace Ellis:  New Wing


2022 Committee Heads

Ball Committee:  Alex Emerson and Eloise Oliver
Charity Committee:  Joey Lyons and Katy McLeod
Community Committee:  Lauren Fisher and Ally Fothergill
Entertainment Committee:  Grace McCulloch and Riley Finnane
International Committee:  Tanna Collins and Talissa Cerato
Magazine Committee:  Louisa Gilmour and Amelia Hanson
Merchandise Committee:  Rosie Flatau and Henry Lewis
Social Committee:  Euan Oliver and Jasmin Titheradge
Sports Committee:  Ben Winslade and Liam Blanch
Food Liaison:  Courtney Fyffe and Georgia Griffiths