2023 Association of Dunmore Lang Students Executive

President: Eliza Trenerry

Senior Vice President: Ayva O’Meara

Social Vice President: Daniel Van Klooster

Treasurer: Jake Gurney

Secretary: Lucy Geelan

2023 Resident Adviser Team

Resident Advisers (RAs) 

Nathalie Simons: 1 West

Alex Emerson: 2 West 

Lauren Fisher: 3 West    

Talissa Cerato: 4 West

Eloise Oliver: 1 East

Amelia Hanson: 2 East 

Jack Crofts: 2 East

Sam Moss: 3 East

Georgia Griffiths: 3 East

Rosie Flatau: 4 East

Kora Iansa: 4 East 

Euan Oliver: New Wing

Yvonne Monk: New Wing

Mackenzie Dewsbury (Senior RA): New Wing

Support Resident Advisers 

Claudia Minter: 3 West

Gabrielle Coles: 2 West

2023 Committee Heads

Ball Committee:  Grace Lynch and Lily Wilson

Charity Committee:  Dani Mohnot and Yuma Okamoto

Community Committee:  Molly Jones and Brooke Mance

Entertainment Committee:  Bridie Ingold and Sabine Osarek

Environment Committee: Jordan Fisher and Bryson Hartle

International Committee:  Amelia Murry-Prior and Amish Bhindi

Magazine Committee:  Sam Moss and Claudia Fair

Merchandise Committee:  Alex Duffield and Patrick Hyde

Social Committee:  Sarah Rawson and Will Burdack

Sports Committee:  Campbell Duff and Tom Crofts

Food Liaison:  Beau Smith and Isla O’Reilly