2020 Assocation of Dunmore Lang Students Executive

President:  Nick Aveyard
Senior Vice President:  Isabelle Elleker
Social Vice President:  Aiden Porter
Treasurer:  Rinca Capewell
Secretary:  Anna Williams

2020 Resident Adviser Team

Anirudh Gogia:  1 West
Tyren Ah-See:  2 West
Annabelle Serisier:  3 West
Thomas Tremain:  4 West
Grace Frith:  1 East
Laura Nash:  1 East
Grace Ellis:  1 East
Emily Behan:  3 East
Caitlin Kemp:  3 East
Jack Croake:  4 East
Sarah Wood:  4 East
Jordan Cini:  4 New Wing
Brendan Geoghegan:  4 New Wing


2020 Committee Heads

Ball Committee:  Sophie Cant
Charity Committee:  Naomi Fenton and Swastika Sharma
Community Committee:  Ally Carter and Caitlin Woods
Entertainment Committee:  Ky Stewart and Annie Nye-Lederhose
International Committee:  Corazon Garcia-Kytola
Magazine Committee:  Sarah Wood and James Boag
Merchandise Committee:  Connor McLoughlin and Aidan Moriarty
Social Committee:  Taylor McCoy and Brenna Forbes
Sports Committee:  Thomas Dening and Sami Bailey