2021 Association of Dunmore Lang Students Executive

President:  Tom Burke
Senior Vice President:  Mackenzie Dewsbury
Social Vice President:  Zac Condon
Treasurer:  Jed Hide
Secretary:  Jade Bunt

2021 Resident Adviser Team

Aidan Porter:  2 West
Breanna Forbes:  3 West
Sophie Cant:  4 West
Sarah Wood:  1 East
Corazon Garcia-Kytola:  2 East
Aidan Moriarty:  2 East
Ben Yates:  3 East
Sami Bailey:  3 East
Swazi Sharma:  4 East
Freddie Learoyd:  4 East
Ky Stewart:  New Wing
Rinca Capewell:  New Wing


2021 Committee Heads

Ball Committee:  Sophie Kirkman and Hayley Dowling
Charity Committee:  Kate Gordon and Ruby Murphy
Community Committee:  Grace Beavis and Veronica Wessell
Entertainment Committee:  Holly Balcombe and Ryan Thompson
International Committee:  Isabelle Harrison and Charlotte Greet
Magazine Committee:  Cece Mooney and Emma Weatherall
Merchandise Committee:  Deanna Mayled and Robbie Wilson
Social Committee:  Joseph Hodges and Henry Stoodley-Williamson
Sports Committee:  Grace Flynn and Edward Toole
Food Liaison:  Anna Smith and Freddie Learoyd