As home to predominantly over-age university students we allow alcohol in moderation. 

As part of our compulsory Orientation Week Programme for all new students we run education sessions specifically on alcohol use as well as other sessions which cover assault, bystander ethics, legal responsibility and mental health.

The College student club (ADS) run events on a regular basis. Whilst we cannot control the choices of individuals we do implement every harm-minimisation strategy that is available to us by actively managing all events in the College.  We do this by supervising the planning and delivery of events, assisting to calculate any alcohol to be purchased, checking off actual purchases with receipts, supervising the event on the day to manage compliance with RSA rules ensuring the safety of all students.  Senior on-site staff regularly walk through the event area to confirm the event is being run to plan and our Resident Advisers are also on hand to help any students.   

We also run non-alcohol based events every week for students.  These events are partially subsidised by the College and have included activities such as mini golf, Sydney ghost tours, café crawls, night market, art gallery and planetarium visits, candle making and much more.