At Dunmore Lang College, we offer a range of social sport, intercollegiate competitions, arts, and musical events as well as a wide range of social activities. 

Activities on campus are important for: 

  • Taking a break - A study break will not only help students recharge physically but mentally as well. Going for a walk, to the gym, or doing something creative like arts or crafts are activities any overworked student should consider to take a breather from study! 

  • Building your skills and getting involved - At College you will have opportunities to attend numerous work-ready skill presentations from both our Leadership Programme, Senior Student Programme or other student training programmes. Digital credentials are provided by the College for sessions that will assist students in building their professional resumes. 

  • Building friendships - College is a place to make friends and network. Participating in on-campus social events enables students to meet new people who share common interests. As a College resident, students will make friendships that will last a lifetime! 

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