Dunmore Lang College Privacy Policy

Commitment to privacy and responsible use of personal information

The privacy of personal information, credit information and sensitive information as defined by the Privacy Act 1988 (“personal information”), however received, is important to Dunmore Lang College (“the College”). Without an applicant’s personal information the College will not be able to process the applicant’s application for residency in the College nor provide students with the College’s core business.

This statement outlines the College’s policy on how the College collects, uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by it. The College is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988.

This Privacy Policy contains information about how an individual may access his / her personal information, seek correction of such information, complain about a breach of the APPs and how the College will deal with such a complaint.

The College may from time to time, update and review this Privacy Policy to take account of new laws and technology, changes to the College’s operations and practices and to make sure it remains relevant to any changes in the residential college environment or in the College’s future directions.

Collection of personal information by the College

The College collects a range of information, including personal information, in connection with its core business of providing:

> residential accommodation for undergraduate and post graduate local and international students (“Students”);

> pastoral and academic programmes for its Students; and

> conference facilities, external events and casual accommodation for Students and non-students.

The College also collects information that can readily identify an individual, and includes paper, electronic records, video recordings and photographs, about:

>   Students;
> New applicants for residence in the college;

> The parents and/or guardians of students (”parents”) before, during and after the course of a student’s contracted period at the College;

> Job applicants, staff members, volunteers, alumni, donors and contractors; and

> Other people who come into contact with the College and its residents.

Type of personal information we collect

 In general, the type of information which we collect and hold includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal details, such as full name, residential address, contact details, date and place of birth, nationality, gender, whether or not you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander;
  • Macquarie University student number;
  • Any criminal or medical information to the extent that it is relevant to the functions of the College;
  • dietary requirements;
  • occupation, (if any) and relationship to student (if a parent/guardian);
  • In some instances, we will also need to obtain social security taxation and financial details (e.g. required to verify means-tested scholarship applications);
  • Academic records;
  • A Student’s browsing history on the College’s website and the Dunmore Lang College Apps;
  • Records of a Student’s communications and other interactions with the College.

How does the College collect personal information?

The College may collect personal information from a number of sources, during the course of delivery of its core business which may include:

  • Responding to student requests for information or brochures;
  • Reviewing applications for residency, leadership applications, affiliate membership or scholarships;
  • Processing student registration for programmes and events;
  • Processing student requests for registration for alumni activities;
  • Provision of pastoral care services;
  • Meeting and other records of communications with students;
  • Conducting investigations of student conduct and complaints;
  • Provision of subject tutorials and other academic programmes;
  • Provision of leadership programmes;
  • Interview of Students to review of student progress at College and in academic performance;
  • Provision of sponsorships and donations (including in-kind and volunteering);
  • Review of reports from Pastoral Care Staff including, but not limited to, the Principal, Dean of Students, Community Manager, Senior Duty, Senior Residential Adviser and Residential Advisers;
  • Provision of conferencing, external events and casual accommodation

From time to time the College may collect and update personal information over the telephone, via the internet, in person and/or in writing.

Use of personal information

We collect and use personal information in order to:

  • process applications for residency in the College;
  • process scholarship applications;
  • process applications for student leadership roles and mentoring opportunities;
  • provide educational tutorials and programmes;
  • provide pastoral care services;
  • communicate with hospital, health care and medical professionals;
  • apply for and administer College funding from private, governmental and other sources and associated reporting;
  • communicate a Student’s dietary requirements to the kitchen and catering staff;
  • distribute a Student’s personal information on a confidential basis to the Principal, the Dean of Students, the College’s consultants and contractors, the administration staff of the College and to the Resident Advisers responsible for the Student;
  • to arrange and co-ordinate student sporting, cultural and other activities and events;
  • to communicate with Macquarie University in connection with student enrolments, scholarship applications, academic progress, security issues and health issues;
  • provide services in connection with intercollegiate and university programmes;
  • undertake investigations and implement disciplinary procedures associated with student responsibility conduct or incidents involving current and / or past students;
  • provide information to third parties as authorised or required by law;
  • analyse students’ interaction with the College’s personal and electronic services (including its website) for the better delivery of the College’s core business;
  • maintain College records;
  • use personal information in connection with an ongoing civil or criminal law action involving you;
  • use the personal details of all past students for Alumni purposes.

The College will not use personal information or disclose it to another organisation unless permitted to do so under the Privacy Act.  Permitted situations include situations in which:

  • it is reasonably necessary for one of the purposes described above;
  • having regard to the nature of the information or the circumstances of collection the College believes that the individual would expect the College to use the information or make the disclosure;
  • it is required or authorised by law or court or tribunal;
  • it is necessary to protect the rights, property, health or personal safety of a another student or member of the College, the public or our interests, and it is unreasonable or impracticable to obtain the relevant individual’s consent;

 > the College has reason to suspect that unlawful activity, or misconduct of a serious nature, that relates to the College’s functions or activities has been, is being or may be engaged in, and the College believes that the collection, use or disclosure is necessary in order for the College to take appropriate action;

> it is to obtain third party services, for example to carry out data analysis or provide information processing services. The use of your information by third parties is strictly controlled. All service providers that have access to personal information held by the College are required to keep the information confidential and not to make use of it for any purpose other than to provide services in accordance with their engagement with the College; or

> the individual has provided consent.

Security of Personal Information

We store information in a number of secure databases, paper-based files and/or other record keeping methods. We have taken steps to ensure the protection of personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access and modification or disclosure.

We keep a Student’s records and file for a minimum of 7 years following the student’s departure from College.

We keep a Student’s personal contact information, College roles, scholarships & academic awards indefinitely for Alumni purposes.

Where we are obliged to comply with statutory requirements for retaining information for a prescribed period of time, we comply with those requirements.

Otherwise, we destroy or de-identify information that we no longer require.

We undertake to acknowledge and investigate promptly any complaints about the way we manage personal information.

Access to personal information

Under the Australian Privacy Principles, an individual has the right to obtain access to any personal information which the College holds about them and to advise the College of any perceived inaccuracy.

To access personal information the College holds about you please contact the Chief Financial Officer, who is the College’s Privacy Officer

Updating of personal information

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date. If your personal details change, such as your mailing address, email address or telephone number, please contact us to update your details.

Sending information overseas

The College may disclose personal information about an individual to overseas recipients, for instance, when storing personal information with Cloud service providers which are situated outside Australia or to facilitate a college exchange.

The College will not send personal information about an individual outside Australia without:

> obtaining consent of the individual; or

> taking reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles in relation to the information

> However, the College does store personal information in the Cloud, which may mean that it resides on servers which are situated outside Australia. There may be College, Student and Alumni Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, for example, that facilitate communication between Alumni but are not maintained on the College server.

If you provide personal information to us about other people, we encourage you to inform them of the above matters.

Student consent to the provision to, the collection, use and retention of Student Personal Information by the College

It is the policy of the College that before a Student’s acceptance of an offer to be a resident of the College is accepted by the College, the Student must provide the College’s Privacy Consent Form in which the Student affirms that he / she:

  1. Has read and accepts this Privacy Policy;
  2. Agrees to provide any personal information that is requested by the College and which is consistent with this Privacy Policy;
  3. Agrees to the collection, use and retention of his / her personal information by the College in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


If you require further information about the management of your personal information or have a complaint about our Privacy Policy or the collection, use or safe disposal or destruction of your personal information, your complaint should be directed in the first instance to the Privacy Officer at email: [email protected]  who will respond to you within a reasonable time, usually within 30 days.

We will investigate your complaint and attempt to resolve any breach that might have occurred in relation to the collection, use or destruction of personal information held by the College about you in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy legislation.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this procedure then you may contact us further to advise of your concerns and, if we are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution you may write to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner using the form available at this link http://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/making-a-privacy-complaint for further review of your complaint.

Information Technology

The College currently uses Macquarie University IT services as an external Information Technology network provider. Students should consult the privacy statements and the terms and conditions of the Macquarie University’s IT Policy.

The College provides an Ethernet cable service in the College’s games room and to some rooms. Students should consult the privacy statements and the terms and conditions of the College’s IT Acceptable Use Policy.


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External Links

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Public Information

Any information posted on bulletin boards and/or communicated in chat areas becomes public information. While we strive to protect and respect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose in a chat room, social or other digital media platforms and/or on an information or bulletin board, whether of an electronic or physical nature an whether situated within or outside the College.


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