Meet Juliet!

Juliet is studying for a Bachelor of Liberal Arts majoring in philosophy at the University of Exeter in England.  She has been on exchange at Macquarie University and a resident at Dunmore Lang College for the past year and will be returning to the UK in two months to finish off the final year of her study.  We caught up with Juliet and asked her a few questions about her time at Dunmore Lang College. 


Why did you choose Macquarie University?

I chose MQ because it’s in Sydney but still pretty suburban.  You don’t have to be caught in the busyness of the city but it’s close enough to explore on days off.  I also think MQ is a great university, I watched the campus tour online before coming and did a tour in person when I got here, it’s just so beautiful!

Another thing was the flexibility offered with my study.  I’m a philosophy major but I have been able to do music subjects this semester which will count towards my degree back home. 


Why did you choose Dunmore Lang College?

I just knew it would be perfect – it’s on the university grounds (5 min walk to the library), there are lots of fun events, a great community and I liked all the additional spaces available around College like the common room and study spaces.

I also knew as an exchange student being so far away from home that I wanted to be in a supportive, safe community where I knew there was support available 24 hours a day.  I feel like you are really being looked after – it’s the best option for an exchange student.

And who could forget the food – I love it that it is fully catered.  Not having to think about what to cook, do any of the prep, cooking and cleaning is amazing!  There is great variety and different healthy options at each meal. 


What places have you visited that you would recommend to an incoming exchange student?

Go into the city and explore the harbour’s (Circular Quay and Darling Harbour).  Also, the Opera House and Botanic Gardens which are right in the heart of the city.  Don’t miss the iconic beaches, I love Manly, but Bondi is great too!


Is there anything you miss from home?

Luckily, I really haven’t been homesick but of course I miss being able to hug my parents, but they came to visit, being here has been such a great opportunity for us all to travel.


Anything else you would like to add that would be useful for a new student?

It was great not being locked into a contract over the Summer, my contract finished at the end of the semester, so I was free to travel around Australia without paying for a room I wasn’t using.  I was also able to store things whilst I was travelling.  At the same time, I was able to book nights casually over the break for whenever I was back in Sydney, it was great to have a base I could come back to any time. 

It really is value for money – everything is included so I wasn’t trying to budget meals or bills, I just got to enjoy my time and focus on my study.


Any final words?

I have felt so safe and looked after here, and I have had a lot of fun!  I was going to move out for my 2nd semester to be near the beach but as the time got closer, I realised that I would miss it here and decided to stay for the year, best decision as I have loved it so much, don’t know how I’m going to leave in 2 months’ time.  Thanks to all the team at College – I’m going to miss Australia and you all so much!