Starting with Orientation Week, the ADS Executive and their Committee Heads build an inclusive and engaging programme of events over the year catering to the wide variety of students who live in the College.  See below what the 2024 Committee Heads have in store for 2024!

Environmental Committee The Committee are running a fortnightly gardening club, celebrated earth hour and are looking forward to a guided bush walk through Lane Cove National Park.
Charity Committee The Committee raised an incredible $1700 for the World's Greatest Shave and have been researching some local charities to support throughout the year.  An exciting initiative this year is the development of a College recipe book to be sold with the proceeds going to a local charity.
Food Committee The Committee run weekly pancake and toastie nights - late night snacks are a treat at College!  This year they are looking to collaborate with other committees to host an international food event. 
Merchandise Committee The Committee are excited to drop some new merchandise ideas for the 2024 cohort, bucket hats are already on the way with 1/4 zip jumpers the hot property for the upcoming winter.
Social Committee The Committee are bringing back some old favourites - DLC Olympics and Herring Hoedown.  They brought a new event this year - the Masquerade Ball which was a resounding success!
International Committee The Committee will also be bringing back some old favourites - Dunmorefest and the hottest 100!
Ball Committee Always a highly anticipated event of the year - the annual ball is at a secret location later in the year!
Sports Committee The Committee are well underway with social sport teams flooding the Macquarie University social competitions.  DLC were winners of the intercollege netball competition in March, looking forward to volleyball in May!
Magazine Committee The Committee are presenting things a little differently this year, with video updates at the end of each break.  Looking forward to the annual magazine at the end of the year.
Entertainment Committee The Committee have just completed auditions for this year's musical, Mamma Mia!