"Moving to College made what is usually a challenging transition an easy and smooth process with help every step of the way. The friendships you are able to build and opportunities afforded to students enrich university life and allow you to get more out of it."

Elinor Bowman, Stanhope, 2018-2019

"College has been a truly valuable experience for me. It has provided me with a range of opportunities to meet new people and participate in amazing College run events."

Jack Croake, Tamworth, 2018-

"Dunmore Lang College not only allowed me to meet some incredible people from all around the world, but the College helped in creating connections and links with Macquarie University.  I will always cherish this moment in my educational journey and never forget the plethora of opportunities given to me, including representing the College for marketing and career expos in Sydney and regional NSW. Also, opportunities of performing at various College events throughout my 2 years at DLC.  Thank you, I hope to continue the positive rapport between myself and the College."

Antonio Fattore, Griffith, 2017-2018

"I have been fortunate enough to be a resident of Dunmore Lang College for three years. Being a rural student, Dunmore Lang was the perfect environment to help me with the often difficult transition from growing up in a rural town to studying and living in a major city. The College has consistently supported me financially, academically and most importantly, has always encouraged and supported me with my personal growth. I have been provided with numerous opportunities to be involved in its lively community, to enhance my leadership potential and to give back to a College that has been continually generous to me. Overall, Dunmore Lang College has been more than a residential college, it has been my home and the place that I have grown as a person in such a crucial stage in my life."

Emily Behan, Llanarth, 2017 -

''Moving away from home is never easy, but thanks to Dunmore Lang College I feel like I have been embraced into another family. It's not just a College, but rather an experience that makes you grow in ways you never imagined. I feel privileged to be a part of it.’'

Mohammad Sajid, Melbourne, 2019

"Coming to Dunmore Lang gave me the opportunity to meet other people who were also living away from home for the first time in a safe and welcoming environment. It has been reassuring to know that the College is instrumental in providing assistance and services to me to ensure that I am achieving the best possible results at university.”

Breanna Forbes, Singleton, 2019 –

"College is the perfect place to help you adapt to living on your own and providing a safe, fun experience that can't be found anywhere else."

Sarah Wood, Tamworth, 2017-