We believe enabling access to university study changes not only students’ lives but those of everyone else around them. By stepping out and undertaking tertiary study, students become role models for other members of their schools as well as their wider communities opening up new pathways and opportunities.

Moving away from home is never easy, but thanks to Dunmore Lang College I feel like I have been embraced into another family.

Mohammad Sajid, Melbourne, 2019 

To support this, the College works closely with donors and Macquarie University to provide scholarships (academic merit based) and bursaries (needs based) for students from rural and regional areas, first in family, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds to access not only the life-changing impacts of university study but to do this within the safety and support offered by the Dunmore Lang College community and programmes.

Not only has this scholarship enabled me to study without the stresses of financial burden but it has also enabled me to call Dunmore Lang College my second home.

Rinca Capewell, Great Mackerel Beach 2019

Currently we are able to provide 16% of students with financial assistance including 29 fully paid accommodation places.   Our aim is to build this up to be able to offer some level of financial support to 50% of our students.

Help us to achieve this.

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