Dunmore Lang College Digital Credentials

What are Digital Credentials and Badges?

Digital credentials are the digital equivalent of paper-based credentials. In the workforce, a digital badge certifies that a person has taken a professional development course and demonstrated success in acquiring a set of related skills.

Digital badges can be used in digital resumes or in your email signature and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to show your qualifications and skills.  Each badge contains verified data which describes the qualification and the process required to achieve the badge.

Why do I want Digital Credentials and Badges?

The digital credential gives you a method of sharing your skills online in a simple way that can be verified in real-time.  Badges provide employers with evidence of what was completed to earn the credential and the skills that you have acquired.  It is a very accessible way for employers to see where and what candidates have learned.

Which Digital Credentials does the College offer?

The College provides digital credentials to all students who successfully complete a short course provided by the College.

Current digital credentials available:

Dunmore Lang Leadership Certificate comprising six courses:

Cultural Competency, Conflict Resolution, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Resilient Leadership and Working in a Team.



Current students are eligible to earn credentials. Follow this step-by-step guide for earning and using your credentials:

  1. Learn and earn

Complete your course.

  1. Claim your credential

Once you have earned your badge, you’ll receive a confirmation email from College followed by a notification from Credly's Acclaim platform with instructions on how to set up your account then claim and share your digital badge.

  1. Share it

Let potential employers know about your new credential by sharing it. You can share your badge directly to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, over email, and embed it in your digital resume, or in your email signature.

  1. Take the next step

Now you have verified skills through your digital credentials, see what jobs you might be qualified for, which employers are hiring, salary ranges offered and more. From your Acclaim platform account, you will be able to access labour market insights derived from live job advertisements, search active job listings and even apply for roles.

 Why share your Dunmore Lang College Credentials?

Whether you are looking for a job for the first time, or just looking to improve your employability profile, Dunmore Lang College Credentials help set you apart by representing valuable skills unique to your experiences in a way that is shareable and verifiable.

Credentials issued to you via the Acclaim platform represent achievements valued by employers. They add to your professional story in a way that is complete and validated. An employer can click on your badge to view all the details of your achievement.