College History

In 1972 the first students entered Dunmore Lang College. This was the first stage in the life of the College, originally conceived in 1948 by the local Presbyterian community. Guided by Miss Dorothy Knox, Principal of the Presbyterian Ladies College, Pymble, the community desired suitable accommodation for female students, particularly for those from country regions. A site could not be found at the University of Sydney as originally intended. After almost 25 years of searching, in 1967, a site was accepted at the new Macquarie University. Funding came from the government, Commonwealth and State, and from public donations. The College was appropriately named after the industrious and controversial Presbyterian clergyman who envisaged Australia as a free, enlightened, independent and moral community.

The College, now co-educational, retains traditional but not formal links with the Uniting Church.

Since its inception, the College has fulfilled the original vision of its founders in fostering high performance not only in education but also in the spirit of fellowship that develops valuable members of the community.
The College looks ahead to further years of growth and achievement in the spirit of its original foundation.